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Frame of the Month December 2013

We were asked to frame an antique wedding dress and the veil and head piece that were worn with it. The best way to display a wedding dress is in an acrylic case with a fabric backing platform. The wedding dress, veil and head piece were sewn to a linen backing so if necessary in the future, it can all be removed. We never use any kind of glue or adhesive on art of any value, or on textiles.

The acrylic cover is lowered onto the prepared platform with the dress and veil. This was a large piece requiring 2 people to handle the cover and the platform.

There were areas of the veil that were torn, so we wrapped it behind the dress to cover the damaged areas, and showcased the undamaged areas of fine lace work by draping it on top of the plain part of the skirt. We filled the dress with tulle to give it some added dimension.