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Closed Corner Frames we order from other sources

One in the collection of closed corner frames we offer. This frame has a mosaic flavor to it. Two sizes of a related frame style. 3 small scale frames with exquisite details in the finishes. Real copper wrapped over wood and copper leaf and gold leaf.

This Italian style frame illustrates the fine detail this line of closed corner frames is known for. With an aged patina and slight distressing, it looks like it is centuries old.

This kind of frame will work best in an informal setting where there might be some aged furniture or a country look.

Can you imagine the larger frame on a mirror above a marble topped table in an entryway? We can. and the smaller frame would look great on a photo, sitting on the same table.

These are all hand finished with attention to detail that cannot be matched. Great for a small mirror or photos on a table top or piano, or in a bookcase.

These frames are great for that industrial look. the larger is real copper wrapped over wood. the smaller frames are copper leaf and gold leaf with simulated rivets and bands. It's a great look for a loft with exposed brick walls and hardwood floors.