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Frame of the Month: January 2012

Corner detail after stripping the over paint

Corner has been prepped for gilding.

The corner has yellow and gray bole as the base beneath the 22k gold finish.

The completed corner. Notice the burnished 22k gold and the matte oil gilded gold.

Stripping one of the rails of the frame. It was a mix of 22k gold, spray paint and oil gilded gold.

This shows the center of the rail stripped to the gesso. Bits of the original finish can still be seen.

The rail has been prepped for its finish.

The completed section.

The completed frame with the restored painting installed. We also built the crate and packed it for shipment to Michigan. Our customer installed the painting, and delivered it to his customer. It hangs in a well known Jazz Club in the Detroit area.

A framer in Michigan shipped us this beautiful frame in need of help. Previous restoration attempts and multiple layers of spray paint along with broken parts made this a good candidate for restoration.