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Sculpture Stands and table top bases

Print stand based on a Frank Lloyd Wright design

Painted stand with trim mouldings. We can make these any size and height.

This stand is painted black with a faux finish on the top.

A detail view of the faux finish top.

Another style of stand, this time with a faux finish that has the look of stone.

This stand has some trim moudings and we gilded it as well as did a painted finish.

We can also make small bases to elevate your pottery pices or small works of art. They can be finished in a variety of ways, from paints to wood stains to gold or silver leaf.

This is a print stand based on a design by Frank Lloyd Wright. We can make these in regular or quartersawn oak with a stained or fumed finish. It is double sided, meaning you can place it in an are that can be viewed from either side, and have 2 pieces of art on it. Stop in to see one in our showroom.