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St. John's Lutheran Church in Mound, MN

The artist, the journalist and 2 of the Master Framers employees who worked on the project standing in front of Gjertson\'s painting in St. John\'s Lutheran Church in Mound MN.

We were asked to make a large tabernacle frame that would hang on a large painting by Minnesota artist Stephen Gjertson. This was commissioned by a church in Mound, MN. Our local NBC affilliate came to us and asked to film the project from beginning to end. Here is the raw blank being built for the frame. The size was approx. 5\' x 9\'

We use a spray gun to apply the latex paint which will be the surface beneath the gold metal leaf finish. We use yellow ochre as the base over the entire frame and apply red highlights on certain areas.

This view shows the scale of the frame in the gilded state. The next step is to tone it to subdue the brightness of the gold.

Once it is unwrapped, the painting will be installed into the frame with metal clips and screws. The frame will hang on a wood cleat. This will keep it flush to the wall and distribute the weight evenly.

Our local NBC affiliate, KARE 11 filmed the entire project and edited it down into one of their \"extra\" segments. It was picked up by cable and satellite affiliates and was seen all over the world. We had customers tell us they saw it in China and Europe. Now that is great free advertising!