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Acrylic boxes and cases

A vintage wedding dress in an acrylic case. A gothic tabernacle frame in a modern acrylic box. supports for the doors were made

A fossil that was displayed in an acrylic box. For the background, we carved out the background for a snug fit, and covered it in black linen.

This box is meant for table top display. We made a simple wood frame and painted a piece of wood to use as the base. The cover will sit down snug into the frame with the painted platform inside it.

This view shows the cover married to the base. The objects that were going into the boxes were hand carved clay heads that are about 50 years old.

a detail view of an acrylic box and platform we had made for a customer. We used Museum Optium Acrylic for the anti-reflective qualities.

A full view of the case.

A sideview that shows the \"frosted\" base or platform that the art rests on.

A vintage wedding dress with the veil and head piece sewn to a linen backing, framed in an acrylic case. It measures about 43" x 74". This is so much nicer than letting it sit in a box under the bed where no one can see it.

This came to us needing a frame of some sort to show it off. We thought the simplicity of the acrylic box was a good solution. It doesn't confine it.

The doors do open and close, but the owner wanted them open, so we made supports to hold them in position and secured them with thread so they would not move.