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Custom Ferrari frames

Detail of a corner. We used rivets to simulate the look of a hand hewn metal skin.This frame was 12k gold with a red rub burnished.

This shows the detail work along the bottom rail of one of the frames. We carved out the wood and placed a chrome detail into the space.

A side view of the top emblem. We carved and built a support into which we placed the Ferrari emblem.

A view from the front of the emblem on the top rail of the frame.

A different treatment of the chrome Ferrari attachment on the bottom rail of one of the frames.

One of the custom frames we made for a customer who has a passion for all things Ferrari. He supplied us with the attachments to the frames. Our job was to make them look good. We also did some detail work on the corners adding rivets to make it look like metal.

Another one of the custom frames made for the Ferrari enthusiast.

This frame was finished in 22k gold and the profile is the same shape, but reversed in its orientation.