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Covered Display Case for Artifacts

base for large display case linen covered platform showing how it was built linen covered platform detail showing humidity gauge the cover in place over the artifacts. the finished case the wrapping has been removed from the cover removing the protective wrap from the cover

The base was painted and once in place, it was weighted with over 300 lbs. of sand.

The platform was covered with linen. This shows the underside with the bracing used to make it strong.

This view shows the platform covered in linen.

A humidity gauge was recessed into the platform. It can be removed at any time and replaced if necessary.

One of the installers is making sure the cover is positioned correctly on the base and platform.

This view shows the finished case with the artifacts in place.

After removing the protective wrapping from the cover, the inside is cleaned using an air compressor.

The acrylic cover was wrapped in a brown protective paper that needed to be removed before attaching the box to the case.