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Corner Frame with Center Post

The final product in place Test assembly in our shop half up! See the metal washers and rare earth magnets

Once the lighting was adjusted, we took a photo of the assembled frame. If for any reason part of it needs some work, it will be easy to remove just that part. The artist is local painter Eric Menzhuber.

We were asked to create a frame for two different sized paintings and the frames would be installed into a corner with a center post with gilded text on it. This view shows the completed 3 piece frame as we did a test of the rare earth magnets we used to hold the pieces tight. The two frames also hung on a cleat screwed to the wall.

The center post is attached as well as one of the frames.

We used rare earth magnets to hold he frame to the center post, as well as a cleat hanger at the top of the frame.