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Stephen Gjertson

Using the same simple tabernacle style frame Stephen had us add the greek symbols for \"alpha\" and \"omega\" to the frame on this painting titled \"The Lost Parable\"

After seeing the large scale painting by Stephen Gjertson a customer of Master Framers commissioned Stephen to create a scaled down version to fit his fireplace mantle. This is one of five versions of this painting that Stephen has painted.

This is another view of the large tabernacle frame designed by Stephen Gjertson and manufactured by Master Framers.

Stephen Gjertson designed this simple tabernacle frame for this large painting that hangs in a local church. As you can see there was not an inch of wall space to spare. Master Framers made and finished the frame in gold metal leaf and the process was featured on a local television station\'s late evening news and then picked up by a cable network seen all over the world. To see more of Stephen\'s work and to learn more about him, visit his website,

This is a detail of the frame Master Framers manufactured for the portrait of Governor Arne Carlson of Minnesota. The artist worked with the designers at Master Framers to create a frame with references to the The University of Minnesota and to the \"Star of the North\". This hangs in the state capitol building in St. Paul Minnesota.

This shows the same frame style on a variation of the painting, The Lost Parable. On this version, no ornaments were added to the frame.

This shows another example of the simple linear tabernacle style that Stephen likes on his paintings. This one has several compo ornaments that relate to the symbolism in the painting.

\"Behold the Lamb of God\" is framed in a tabernacle frame that was designed by Stephen and the staff at Master Framers. This was one of the first frames where we collaborated with an artist to design and make a frame of this kind. It was the subject of an article written for one of our trade magazines several years ago.