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Sarah Wieben

Sarah Wieben worked with the finishers at Master Framers to develop a multi layered finish that adds depth to her already layered landscapes. The 4\" wide frame \"floats\" around her paintings inviting the viewer into the landscape.
To see more of Sarah\'s work visit her website;

A view of Sarah\'s paintings which were featured during the St. Paul Spring Art Crawl in 2008. All of them were framed in her signature frame.

Two more of Sarah Wieben\'s paintings, framed in her signature frame, designed by Master Framers and Sarah Wieben.

Another example of how well this frame works on Sarah Wieben's paintings.

Sarah designed the frames for her paintings in her "Destiny of our own Making" series. They were made at Master Framers.

Some of the frames incorporated circular medallions that were painted as well. Designed by Sarah, the frames were made by Master Framers.

Here one can see a detail of a corner showing the circular medallion with a painting inset. The frames were made with basswood and finished with a clear sealer by Master Framers