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Dutch Revival Frame

The raw frame

In this view you can see the portrait frames in place with one of them lifted up revealing the space for the letter that will be safely hidden behind. The frames for the portraits were simple burl veneer chops that were chosen to match the panel we made.

An employee demonstrates how the frame opens to reveal the five frames behind the large painting.

Once completed, the frame was delivered and hung in the client\'s home. The result was spectacular and both the artist and the client were very pleased.

This shows another view of the frame being opened on its hinges.

A local artist wanted a special frame built that would conceal both a second layer containing small portrait studies and then a third layer with personal letters relating to the painting. Working with the artist we designed a Dutch Revival style frame that would open on a set of hinges. The top frame section with the painting would be hinged to open thus revealing a lovely veneer panel with five framed portrait studies. Each of those would open as well revealing a personal letter.

Once the raw frame was built, several different compo patterns were applied. These patterns give the frame the texture and the tooth for all the various toners applied once it has been gilded.

The frame has had several coats of gesso applied, and the yellow clay is brushed on top of the gesso.

This shows a corner detail prior to gilding. Notice the red clay painted on just the highlights.

After the frame was gilded and burnished, dark toners are brushed on and wiped off with a sponge to give it an aged patina.

This is the panel for the second layer being worked on. Five windows were cut into the plywood before a veneer was applied and stained.

A staff member is installing the barrel hinges that will hold the small portrait frames to the panel.