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Typical Painting Restoration

Painting Restoration Prior to treatment this looks like a mess. The completed painting looks so much better!

This view shows a painting split down the center. The left half shows the painting before the restoration. Notice the old yellowed varnish and years of accumulated grime. The right half shows the completed job after the cleaning touch up and a new coat of varnish.

The damage is clearly visible throughout the entire canvas. It looks rather hopeless to the untrained eye.

This view shows the restoration under way. Areas of loss have been filled and are waiting for the touch up to begin.

All the touch up has been completed and the painting has been varnished and is ready for it\'s frame.

This painting will require lining, and quite a bit of reconstruction and touch up.

This is a look at the painting after all the restoration was completed. Our client was very satisfied with the final outcome.