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Bush Library Frame

Wow! the frame is finished! Everyone involved gathered for a party to celebrate the completion.

Here you can see the completed frame with the painting hanging in the Bush Library in College Station, Texas. Due to the size and weight, it actually rests on a ledge and is attached to the wall to keep it in place. The frame is not really bearing the weight, as it is not suspended.

Master Framers was hired to make a ten foot by ten foot frame for a historical painting that would hang in the George Bush Library in Texas. Follow along as this frame is finished. After the raw frame was built, we hired art handlers to carefully move the frame into the studio where the finishing will be done.

In this detail view, you can see the compo patterns and corners are in place.

The frame is now having one of several coats of gesso sprayed onto the surface. This gives it a hard surface for the gilding.

This view shows the yellow clay being sprayed on top of the gesso.

Our gilder uses a brush to apply the red clay over the yellow clay on the highlights.

All the 22k gold leaf has been applied. Next it will be burnished with an agate and toned to subdue the brightness.

With the toning done, you can see the way the light hits the various patterns and creates the visual dimension a frame of this scale requires.

You can get a true sense of the size when you see the artist Mark Balma standing in front of the framed painting in his studio before it was shipped to Texas.

The framed painting is installed on the wall at the bush Library.