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Frame Restoration Examples

Italian frame for a painted porcelain piece

This frame came to us in a box in many pieces after being stored in a barn for many years. This view shows most of the repairs prior to gilding.

This shows the completed restoration job, with a 22k gold finish.

These frames are interesting to restore because of the curves and three dimensional aspects. They are also interesting to fit the art back into. We don\'t want to break one of the leaves!

This is a mass produced frame often seen on paintings. It has been repaired and re-gilded and toned so it retains an aged appearance.

This is a mass produced frame seen on many paintings. This is typical of the damage often seen on this kind of frame.

Here you can see the finished frame detail.

The corner has been re-built. Next it will be prepared for the gilding then gilded and toned to match the rest of the frame.

This is a federal mirror frame showing half before the restoration and half after the restoration.