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Artist Frames

Brian Stewart Brian Stewart Merry DeCourcy Steve Levin Sarah Wieben Sarah Wieben

We worked with painter Brian Stewart to capture the feeling of the sheet metal used on vintage travel trailers for this frame for his painting. We used 12k gold and actual rivets placed into pre-drilled holes to simulate the look.

Here is a detail view of the corner of the rivet frame. We also scratched lines into the gesso to simulate the sheet metal.

This frame was designed by our staff working with local painter Merry DeCourcy. Using architectural details from the building where the painting would hang we created a twist on the block corner style frame by layering smaller and smaller blocks on each corner.

Steven Levin came to us with a design in mind based on Dutch profiles and the frame he had actually painted into his painting. This was used as the cover art for the paperback edition of \"The Girl in Hyacinth Blue\" written by Susan Vreeland.

Local landscape painter Sarah Wieben worked with the designers at Master Framers to develop this frame for her work. The paintings float within the 4\" wide moulding.

Another grouping of paintings by Sarah Wieben in the frame she designed for her work. Check out more of her work on her website: