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Icon Step by Step

icon in frame Unframed Icon Raw frame Pattern transfer Punchwork of the gesso Yellow clay is applied Gilding Painting the frame Another view of painting the frame Corner detail

This is the completed frame with the Icon installed. A frame like this is best used with a decorative piece like an Icon.

This is a Russian Icon that needed a frame.

Once a design was approved composition was applied along the edges.

The frame has been gessoed and a pattern was drawn onto the surface. Here you can see that pattern being scratched into the gesso surface.

Here is another view of the pattern being transferred to the gesso. This shows a punch being used to create a pattern of dots.

The yellow clay or \"bole\" is applied on top of the gesso to prepare the surface for gilding.

22k gold is laid onto the prepared surface. The red you see is a red clay \"bole\" that will give the gold a warmer tone. The red was applied on top of the yellow.

The frame is painted and will be toned down to match the aged appearance of the Icon.

Another view of the painting of the frame.

This shows a detail of one of the corners of the finished frame with the Icon installed.