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TV Frame

-- The TV was recessed into the wall A detail view Prep work on the frame The frame is being gilded The finished frame ready to hang Side view of the frame on the TV. The finished frame in place in the customer\'s home.

See how nice the finished frame looks above the fireplace. It is no deeper than any other framed painting would be because the homeowner had the TV recessed into the wall.

As the house was built, a cavity was created for the TV to sit in. This allows for the frame depth to be minimal.

This shows how the TV sits into the wall, eliminating the need for a deep frame.

The frame is being prepped for the 22k gold finish. Notice the ventilation holes along the long rails of the frame. This will allow air to circulate and won\'t be visible on the wall.

The frame has been gilded with 22k gold, and is then burnished with an agate to give the gold a highly polished look.

This view shows the finished frame before it was hung on the wall.

This view shows how nicely the frame hugs the wall and sits flush to the TV face.

This frame was custom made for our client, who wanted to incorporate classical patterns that related to other objects in his home. The finish is 22k water gilded gold with the Greek key pattern painted as an accent.