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Red Wing First Lutheran Church

The finished project Touch up The painting has been hung. Applying the toning Scaffolding in Place Gilding Worker on scaffolding The gilding is almost done

This view shows the finished project. The gilded wall gives the illusion of a wide frame surrounding the large painting yet is simple in design so it works with the clean lines of this room.

Another view of the final touch up before the project can be called done.

Now you can see the painting in place as one of the gilders does some touch up before the scaffolding is broken down.

After the gilding was completed the gold needed to be subdued so a stippled wax was applied to tone it down and give it an aged look that would work with the painting.

A frame was needed for a large arched painting that hangs in the fellowship hall of a church. Rather than create an arched frame of a width that would be visually pleasing, we chose to frame it with a narrow band and gild the wall to give it the illusion of a larger frame. Here you see the scaffolding in place and the gilding has been started.

A closeup view of the gilding in process. Each sheet of gold metal leaf is about 6\" square. Each is applied by hand.

This shows a view of one of the gilders at work.

In this image you can see most of the gilding has been completed.